2019 General Election datasets and cartogram

29 Dec 2019 09:41 GMT

I had a busy end to the year. Parliament voted for a general election to be held two weeks before Christmas and I was once again running the House of Commons Library's data collection effort. This was my third general election working for the Library. We completed the data collection in record time and published the first edition of our briefing paper and datasets within a week of the polls closing.

In between the data collection, I found a bit of time to work on some data visualisation for the election. My colleague Carl Baker (who I worked with previously on MSOA Names) has designed a new constituency cartogram, which neatly balances equally sized constituencies with geographic groupings that make it easy to find particular constituencies and to see patterns within historic county areas.

I made an interactive version of the cartogram for showing the election results online on the morning after the vote. Embedding a small image of it doesn't do it justice; the interactive version of the election cartogram is better.

I think it is a really nice bit of visual design and I am happy with how we managed to make it look and work on the web in quite a short period of time. I hope we can do further work using a similar approach for other geographies next year.