2015 General Election results

24 May 2015 15:14 GMT

For the last nine months, along with my day-to-day work for the House of Commons Library, I have been working on a project to produce a 2015 General Election results dataset for Parliament, as well as a briefing paper summarising the results.

Chart showing the share of the votes and seats won by each party at the 2015 General Election

As you can probably imagine, Parliament needs detailed and accurate election results data as soon as possible in order to carry out its functions, for everything from allocating office space and Short Money, to reporting the gender balance of MPs, to simply finding out as quickly as possible who is coming to work as an MP for the first time.

It was an intense project that involved developing a database and a web front-end for managing the data, as well as recruiting a team of (amazing) volunteers to gather and verify it.

We started entering election results data at 4:00am on the Friday following the election, which was very exciting, although we could have done without the fire alarm that meant we had to evacuate the building for half an hour at 5:15.

This week we made our data public. The full results can be downloaded in two CSVs from Parliament's research briefings website, along with the briefing paper. You can also explore the same data interactively through a new website developed by Parliament's rapid apps team called General Elections Online, or Geo for short.

The results have been gathered directly from Returning Officers and include complete data on polling day electorates and invalid ballots. A future edition of the dataset will also include declaration times.

While we have done everything possible to ensure the figures are accurate, the data should be treated as provisional. We will correct any errors we find as quickly as possible, so always check online for the latest version of the dataset and briefing paper whenever you intend to use them.